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What is a Toilet Retrofit?2024-03-13T13:35:21-04:00

A toilet retrofit involves upgrading the internal components of your toilet’s tank, including the fill valve, flush valve, flapper, handle, bolts, and supply line. We replace these with high-efficiency parts that reduce the gallons per flush and enhance the overall functionality of your toilet, preventing leaks and potential floods.

What is your Leak Detection service?2024-03-13T13:04:34-04:00

Our Leak Detection service involves a thorough evaluation of your property and water bills to identify if excessive water usage is due to an underground leak. If a leak is suspected, we engage a specialized third-party team to pinpoint and address the issue.

How do you determine if there’s an underground leak?2024-03-13T13:09:52-04:00

We begin by analyzing your water bills to identify any unusual increases in water usage. Following this, we conduct a thorough examination of your property, considering factors such as the age of the property, the date of the last remodel, and potential weather patterns that might affect water usage. If these initial assessments suggest the presence of an underground leak, we then proceed with more specialized detection methods.

What happens if you find a leak?2024-03-13T13:10:16-04:00

If we suspect a leak, we collaborate with a trusted third-party service specializing in leak repairs. We oversee the entire process, from the accurate location of the leak to the final repair, ensuring a seamless and efficient resolution.

How long does the leak detection process take?2024-03-13T13:10:43-04:00

The duration varies depending on the complexity of the leak and the size of the property. Typically, the initial evaluation and detection can be completed within a day, but the entire process from detection to repair might take longer, depending on the nature of the leak.

What are the costs involved in leak detection?2024-03-13T13:11:07-04:00

Costs can vary based on the property size and the complexity of the leak. We provide a transparent pricing model and will discuss all potential costs with you before beginning our services.

What are ‘Low Flow Devices’?2024-03-13T13:12:35-04:00

Low Flow Devices are water-efficient fixtures like showerheads and sink aerators that reduce water usage. They maintain water pressure while using less water compared to standard fixtures, helping to conserve water and reduce utility bills.

How much water and money can I save with these devices?2024-03-13T13:13:01-04:00

The amount of water and money saved varies depending on your current water usage and the specific devices installed. However, low-flow devices can significantly reduce water usage, leading to noticeable savings on your water bills over time.

What is involved in the installation process?2024-03-13T13:13:20-04:00

Installation typically involves replacing your current showerheads and sink aerators with new low-flow models. Our team handles the installation process, ensuring each device is properly fitted and functioning optimally.

Are there different styles and models of low-flow devices available?2024-03-13T13:13:42-04:00

Yes, we offer a variety of styles and models to fit different preferences and needs. Our range includes options that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your existing fixtures.

How long does it take to install low-flow devices?2024-03-13T13:14:03-04:00

The installation time can vary, but it’s generally a quick process. Most installations can be completed within a few hours, causing minimal disruption to your daily routine.

What is a Property Audit?2024-03-13T13:24:50-04:00

A Property Audit is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by our team to assess your property. This process helps us determine if your property is a good fit for our products and gathers necessary information for any potential future product installations.

What does the Property Audit involve?2024-03-13T13:25:17-04:00

The audit includes a visit to your property by our professionals who assess various aspects like size, layout, and existing systems. This evaluation is key to collecting data for recommending suitable solutions tailored to your property’s specific needs.

How long does a Property Audit take?2024-03-13T13:25:37-04:00

The length of a Property Audit varies depending on the size and complexity of your property. Generally, it takes a few hours to complete, ensuring we gather comprehensive data without causing significant disruption.

Is there a cost associated with the Property Audit?2024-03-13T13:25:59-04:00

We charge $500 – $1000 per property for the Audit. These cost can come down if the properties are clustered in the same general area to help on travel cost.

How does the audit help in future product installations?2024-03-13T13:30:09-04:00

The audit provides us with vital information about your property, enabling us to make well-informed recommendations for products and services that would be most beneficial. This ensures that our solutions are not only customized but also effective. Additionally, having this data aids significantly in the installation process, as we’ll already have a clear understanding of your property’s specific characteristics and requirements, ensuring a smoother and more efficient installation.

How can I schedule a Property Audit?2024-03-13T13:30:29-04:00

Scheduling a Property Audit is simple. Contact us through our website or by phone, and we’ll arrange a time that’s convenient for you to conduct the audit at your property.

How does retrofitting a toilet save water?2024-03-13T13:35:41-04:00

By installing components that use less water per flush, we significantly reduce the amount of water used for each flush without compromising flush quality. During the process, any existing leaks in the flapper or fill valve will be identified and fixed. This not only conserves water but also leads to significant savings on your water bill.

Can a toilet retrofit prevent leaks and floods?2024-03-13T13:36:06-04:00

Yes, the upgraded components used in our toilet retrofits are specifically designed to minimize common issues that lead to leaks and floods. This includes installing a more reliable flapper mechanism that is less prone to leaking, as well as our patented fill valve that helps prevent catastrophic flooding in case of a tank break.

Will the toilet retrofit affect the flushing performance of my toilet?2024-03-13T13:36:30-04:00

Our retrofitting process is designed to maintain or even improve the flushing performance. The high-efficiency components ensure effective flushing while using less water.

How long does a toilet retrofit take?2024-03-13T13:36:50-04:00

A typical retrofit takes 10 – 15 minutes per toilet. On average our team can complete 45-55 toilets per day.

Is a toilet retrofit suitable for all types of toilets?2024-03-13T13:37:11-04:00

Most toilets are suitable for retrofitting. However, we will assess your specific toilet model to ensure compatibility.

What are the long-term benefits of a toilet retrofit?2024-03-13T13:37:33-04:00

In the long term, you can expect a reduction in water usage, lower water bills, and a more stable water bill. This makes toilet retrofits both an environmentally and economically smart choice.

How often will the new components need to be replaced?2024-03-13T13:37:57-04:00

The high-efficiency components we use are designed for durability. We supply a 10 year warranty on our fill valve and a 5 year warranty on our flappers.

How can I schedule a toilet retrofit for my home or business?2024-03-13T13:38:19-04:00

Scheduling a retrofit is easy. Contact us through our website or by phone, and we’ll discuss your needs, provide a quote, and arrange a convenient time for the retrofit.

What is the Water Monitoring service?2024-03-13T13:41:18-04:00

Our Water Monitoring service uses advanced technology to provide real-time, minute-by-minute monitoring of your water usage. This allows for detailed analysis of consumption patterns, helping to identify inefficiencies, leaks and potential savings.

How does the minute-by-minute monitoring work?2024-03-13T13:41:39-04:00

We install a device directly to your water meter that records your water usage every minute, transmitting this data to our monitoring system. This continuous tracking enables us to offer insights and get in front of potential leaks in real time.

Can you monitor my monthly water bills as well?2024-03-13T13:41:58-04:00

Yes, in addition to live monitoring, we can analyze your monthly water bills instead. This helps us to understand your overall water usage patterns, identify anomalies, and suggest ways to decrease your monthly expenses. However, this will be a high level overview of your bills and may not catch leaks in a timely manner leading to increased cost for a short time.

How can your service help me save money?2024-03-13T13:42:19-04:00

By identifying areas of excessive water use or leaks, we can suggest targeted actions to reduce your water consumption, leading to significant savings and preventing major costs on your water bills.

How do I sign up for the Water Monitoring service?2024-03-13T13:42:46-04:00

Signing up is simple. Contact us through our website or give us a call. We’ll discuss your specific needs, provide details about the service, and arrange for a convenient installation time.

What is the ‘Water Project Planning’ service?2024-03-13T13:46:32-04:00

Our Water Project Planning service is a comprehensive solution for property owners looking to optimize their water usage and reduce costs. We analyze your property’s water bills, consider the type, location, age and size of the property, and provide tailored recommendations for managing water consumption efficiently.

What do you need from me to get started?2024-03-13T13:46:55-04:00

To begin, we’ll need your property’s water bills for the past 12 months, the age of your property, and the number of units (if it’s a multi-unit property). This information helps us understand your current water usage and identify areas for improvement.

What does the process of managing water projects involve?2024-03-13T13:47:15-04:00

Our process includes an initial assessment of your water usage, identifying inefficiencies, proposing solutions, and implementing these solutions. We also provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of our recommendations.

Can you work with any type of property?2024-03-13T13:47:36-04:00

Yes, we can work with a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of each property.

How long does a typical project take?2024-03-13T13:47:56-04:00

The duration of a project varies based on the size and complexity of the property, as well as the extent of the water management solutions implemented. We provide a time estimate after our initial assessment.

What kind of savings can I expect?2024-03-13T13:48:18-04:00

Savings can vary, but our goal is to significantly reduce your water bills while maintaining or improving your property’s functionality. We’ll give you an estimated savings range after our initial analysis.

Is there ongoing support after the project is completed?2024-03-13T13:48:39-04:00

Absolutely! We offer ongoing support and monitoring to ensure the solutions are working as intended and to make adjustments as necessary.

How do you bill for this service?2024-03-13T13:48:59-04:00

We bill based on the time we work on your project. This includes time spent analyzing your water bills, assessing your property, and planning the project. We believe this method ensures fair pricing and aligns our interests with your satisfaction and results.

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